LiveJournal (livejournal) wrote,

Updated Version of Statistics

We are glad to announce an updated version of Statistics. Now all visitors, even logged-out viewers, will be counted in traffic statistics. You can view your updated statistics here.

Who can see updated statistics?

As before, the full version of statistics is available only to Paid and Permanent accounts. Users with Basic and Plus accounts will still be able to view My Guests statistics.

What’s new?

Previous statistics only counted registered LiveJournal users; visitors who didn’t log in or didn’t have an account were not taken into account.

The updated statistics include all visitors, so even if somebody doesn’t have a LiveJournal account you can still see that they visited your journal. Previously-available indicators (page views and visitors) will now be more precise.

Page Views tracks the total number of times your entries have been viewed. A new "hit" is recorded every time your Journal or entries are looked at (so if someone visits their friend's page multiple times during the day, a new "hit" is recorded for each time they do so). The figure also includes your own visits to your entries or journal pages.

All visitors — this figure records unique visitors, so multiple views by the same visitor only count as one visitor. However, if the same person visits your journal from two different computers (for example from home and from work), it will count as two unique visitors.


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