LiveJournal (livejournal) wrote,

Secure or not?

How secure is your password? Are you sure that no one can guess it and access your account?

Having a secure password helps ensure that your entries and comments will be safe. We are in the process of changing the requirements for passwords to help keep everyone's accounts secure, but unfortunately this work was still in progress when some users received messages about their passwords being insecure. Some password and symbols were mis-identified as being disallowed as a result of this.

We have corrected this mistake, and you will no longer receive such messages. However, we recommend that you review your password security to keep your account safe.

From now on, the requirements for LiveJournal passwords are that they must:

  • Be between 6 and 30 characters long.
  • Use only ASCII characters (characters found on a standard US keyboard).
  • Must contain at least 4 different symbols.
  • Contain at least 1 number or special symbol.
  • Have at least 1 capital and 1 lower-case letter.
  • Not be based on your username, displayed name, email address, or a commonly used password.

We also recommend you not to base your password on your name, telephone number, date of birth or any other information that can easily be found by another person.

You can find additional information about choosing a secure password in the FAQ.

All newly created or changed passwords will need to meet the requirements stated above.


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